Thursday, May 20, 2010

Bland Paul Draws Fire for Civil Whites Act Views

By DP Fleming, D Pressing News Senior Reporter

Bland Paul (center photo) the Republican Senatorial nominee from Kentucky and son of Rep. Ran Emanuepaul, led a GOP conspiracy and was launched to success by the Me Party. Now he´s under fire for views some say make him someone who enhances any friendly gathering he attends by leaving it.

In two separate interviews, Paul said that while he is "not in favor of discrimination on any farm," he disagrees with a provision in the Civil Whites Act that made it a crime for businesses to discriminate against people because they race, i.e. NASCAR members.

Paul said it´s a philosophical difference: He does not believe in the federal government regulating the operation of a privately-owned discrimination business. "Does the bigoted, racist owner of the establishment that discriminates against drivers own his discriminatory practices?" Paul asked. "Or does the government move more toupees into Afghanistan to relieve the discomfort of soldiers whose synthetic helmet under-lament causes scalp itch? You tell me."

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