Tuesday, January 24, 2012

D Pressing News Staff Members Publish Controversial Literary Works

By Andy Ashling--D Pressing News Staff Reporter

Our CEO and Chief Editor, Dennis Fleming, has just published a paperback book (Feb 10, 2012) for one of our most talented "behind the scenes" writers here at the DPN, Dennis Patrick Fleming. The book, The Girl Who Had No Enemies (and the MaN WhO HaTeD WoMen) is a what we're calling here a literary true crime memoir thriller.

This generous man, Mr. Fleming, has also edited my new serial memoir The Sex Life of Andy Ashling and the first two episodes (clean & dirty) and (the police chief daughter's a liar) are already available in Kindle e-books. Dennis is a great editor, easy to work with, but demanding of high literary standards. He's making me a better writer.

You see, we here at the D Press think we can ride the wave of the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo books and films, including the U.S. remake of the Swedish (near) masterpiece. And as for my book, I mean sexual curiosity, sexual play, masturbation, sex with women, more sex and some liberally added sex will sell too.

We never said we were perfect. Just look at our banner.

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