Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Andy Ashling Takes The Helm at D Pressing News

Writer Andy Ashling (The Sex Life of Andy Ashling coming soon) has taken over as Editor of the D Pressing News. He's always been running it anyway. Andy's been behind the scenes from the zine's inception and it's about time he was recognized for the outstanding quality and intense insanity of his work. We have no pictures of Andy to post. Rest assured in the comfort of knowing that you are being spared a minor trauma. Andy is not what you'd call a classic looker. But, not to disappoint you, here's a picture and Andy suggested because, as he said, people need an image. It's one of Andy's favorites, a Hans Bellmer.

(Psst! We tried to stop Andy because this picture really borders on the obscene, but we're satisfied that it's the only pic from Andy's personal Bellmer collection he said he'd ever share, and that's good because Bellmer's stuff really goes out there. This one is tame, trust us. Now, be quiet about it and please don't tell Andy we felt that way. BTW, he'll never see this because he doesn't look at this blog once he's approved the articles for publication, so we just do what we want anyway. He thought the article about Rangel was about Nixon. What a dolt!)

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