Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Barney Fwank: Pawtisanship is Out of Contwol

By DP Fleming, D Pressing News Senior Reporter.

"In Congwess," says Massachusetts Rep. Barney Fwank, a Democrat, "as da pwimary ewections appwoach, da Democwats and Wepubwicans awe spwitting fawder apawt."

Congressman Fwank made the statements at a book-signing for his biography, Bawney Fwank: Da Stowy of Amewica's Only Weft-Handed, Qweer, Jewish Pwince (Hawd Hawdcova). "People talk wit each udda and agwee with each udder, but don't know why day agwee," said Fwank.

Fwank wants to change the Senate filibuster rules, and call them "fiwibusta wules". He said that he feels the House lost its way when he and Newt Gingrich broke up. "He scwewed da pooch and I was angwee wit him," said the senator. "I might just weave."

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