Thursday, April 29, 2010

Tommy Make Movie - Next One Gooder

By DP Fleming, D Pressing News Senior Reporter.

The recently formed delusional D Pressing News Film Series, in association with its own mental image, presents the most important, groundbreaking cinematic experience since 60-Minutes, legendary movie maker Tommy Wiseowl's He Boom.

He Boom is tragically a mesmerizing, shocking, intellectually emulating, quasi-American black and colored, unintentionally funny, love story made with passion, and filled with betrayal, lies, a kid who looks 30, a gun, Johnny, sex, Johnny's muscles, a partially nude girl, Johnny's butt, candles, and roses, in which the gun goes off and the protagonist dies (it's a surprise suicide).

He Boom stars thinker/writer/director/chuckler/get angrier, Tommy (the bird) Wiseowl, a man with money who made a movie. Tommy plays a guy in his own movie with a bunch of people who agreed to be in a movie for money, especially the chick who plays his future wife "you're tearing me apart" Lisa, who has to pretend to sleep with Tommy without laughing. She was paid over scale.

The film shows the relationships that have to be formed between semi-professional actors sacrificing their reputations by committing themselves to celluloid for money while asking "Can we really get out of this somehow with the money before the camera rolls?"

He Boom has been running through projectors and drawing flotsam off the street and into a movie house in Los Angeles and has arrived in St. Louis just in time to arrive in St. Louis. Don't miss seeing the screen it's projected on!

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