Thursday, May 14, 2009

D Pressing News undergoes non-hostile absorption

ZenNewz Corporation, a Zen-based presence of non-egocentric consciousness, has absorbed the D Pressing News, a clinically verified insane news reporting organization.

Under the alert awareness of ZenNewz, the D Pressing News will periodically report news in a manner determined to induce hallucinations or seizures while permitting it’s readers to unsubscribe, read, avoid, or delete it.

With no relevance to the past, and no anticipation of a future, ZenNewz, Corp. exists in a state of presence with its bare attention directed away from its ego and toward awareness of the now.

Subscriber concerns may be directed to: Letters to the editor, Gregor Dumass. Letters must be limited to 100 words or less. Please send emails by clicking this link Mr. Dumass or if your brower doesn't activate the link, send to

Under construction and coming soon: the ZenNewz webzite

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