Saturday, May 23, 2009

Cardboard Dick Cheney Frightening

By DP Fleming---D Pressing News Senior Reporter

The CIA has been secretly broadcasting a video feed of a cardboard cutout of former Vice President Dick Cheney to northern Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, and parts of Iraq. In the video, the life-size facsimile of the VP in his daughter's clothing wobbles slightly from a small electric fan behind it.
Embedded American born Iranian reporter Getm E. Outofhere claims to have witnessed the effects of the dummy Chaney on al-Qaeda terrorists. "It strikes fear in hearts of everyone over here. It has really worked and people shake at the sight of him," said Mr. Outofhere.

On his official website,, Cheney noted the clever use of his image and was proud that his feminine side could be put to such good use. He hinted that he might load his 12-gauge shotgun and visit the countries in person to reinforce the message in the nude.

"We are happy that Cheney likes our sign and welcome him to come and visit us too," said CIA director Leon Panetta who spoke from Cheney's closet at a secret underground location.

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