Monday, July 27, 2009

Sculpture of Dot in Circle Spurs Controversy

By DP Fleming, D Pressing News Senior Staff Reporter

Teachers at a school for the blind in Shadetree Florida have voiced their ire after a sculpture of nude rodents made from the discarded sleeves of Michelle Obama's dresses was placed in Britney Spears' backyard next to her three-foot bong.

The sculpture is in view of a drug rehab facility for nuns and is deemed inappropriate for the stoned and drunk residents, confusing a sense of reality already balancing on the precipice of sanity under the influence of the Cartoon Network's Those Silly Saints.

The sculpture is called Journey to the Center of the Two Dimensional Representation of the Outline of an Object in Which the End of the Radius Rests on the Opposite Point From the Circumference. Critics refer to the work of art as "the dot in the circle".

The piece is meant to depict the historic 1984 journey of Ethiopian mold spores and Jewish cabbage rats through the Lincoln tunnel to Newark. It was sculpted by Itvil Makesense, who has courted controversy before with his works of two centimeter pink weevil tits.

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