Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Google Earth: Industry Vermin More Visible

By DP Fleming--D Pressing News Senior Staff Writer

Until today, spiders were visible on Google Earth as two-dimensional dark wriggly spots.

Google has worked for three months with Chief Entomologist Brownrecluse Hubble at the National Atmospheric Satellite and Peeking at Arachnids Administration NASPAA to develop the version of their Earth viewer that went live today.

When Google Earth was first developed, spiders existed as eight-legged creepy, crawly, things and were arbitrarily relegated to scrounging around in detritus or scarring the /*:(*! out of you in your home.

Now that many of the species have devolved into presidents, CEOs, and CFOs running major financial institutions that receive large government bailout packages, management at Google decided it was time to make their fiscal shenanigans more visible to all mankind.

Google hopes that the new viewing capability will help people become more aware of the whereabouts and activities of these industry vermin. D Pressing News pressed Mr. Hubble on the question of further partnering with the giant search engine. "We've done a terrific job with Arachnids. What next? Dandruff," said Hubble.

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