Saturday, January 31, 2009

Iraq: Giant Ping Pong Paddle Honors Obama

By DP Fleming, D Pressing News Senior Editor

Mohron gu-ntohead, owner of the only struggling sports gear market in Iraq, a man prone to suicidal tendencies, has commissioned a giant sand sculpture in honor of Barack Obama. The monument was unveiled during a quiet late evening ceremony in the sand lot behind the store.

The giant paddle was constructed out of rocks, bullet casings and sand. A common malleable, glue-like substance derived from goat nostrils was used to coat the edifice. It stands 2.5 feet and is 1 by 8 inches wide. Controversial artist, Juhst shahoot meh, sculpted the paddle in just 40 minutes thanks to help from the children who work in gu-ntohead's factory.

Mohron gu-ntohead believes the monument will inspire generations to play ping pong.

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Too Funny! LOL Cute idea to do something like this. Myself, not enough talent. Just a want-to-be writer that posts a little differently than most do on Cold Coffee. Drop in and see me. Turn on your speakers and hopefully take away with you a bit of myself.