Thursday, January 29, 2009

Iran's Nuclear Automobiles; No To Purple Dinosaur

By DP Fleming-D Pressing News Senior Staff Writer

President MomsInTheMood AhmaDimBulbajad said that Iran will not stop manufacturing nuclear powered automobiles even after being asked by President Obama.

Iran claims that their nuclear cars are "extraordinarily expensive and are Iran's strategy to leap ahead of other nations in the current economic downward spiral."

"They are so expensive that wealthy Americans will not be able to resist buying them. We need only to sell one," said AhmaDimBulbajad.

UN sanctions against nuclear-powered vehicles have been around since Iran first got the idea last week. Iran ignored the sanctions calling them "stank-sions" and could not listen to UN broadcasts because MomsInTheMood's radio only receives AM.

In an interview, Obama said he was willing to "suspend logic and send a special envoy, Barney the Purple Dinasour, with "an unclenched fluffy three-clawed grappler." AhmaDimBulbajad's response was "We cannot put forth our hands when we know Iran and Afghanistan are surrounded by these purple, upright, frogs of children's TV."

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