Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Obama Comment Causes Rust Blimpblog And Keiffer Ulbermeann To Merge

By DP Fleming--D Pressing News Senior Staff Writer

Radio host Rust Blimpblog scoffed at President Barack Obama’s warning to Republicans that they need to roll up their prayer rugs and stop chanting to the air-filled talk show host if they want to maintain their sanity.

“He is a great unifier,” Blimpblog told D Pressing News. “This man’s going to unify me with some left-wing wacko and usher in a new era of bi-body senselessness.”

D Pressing News has learned Obama told Democratic leaders to, "pull up your blue prayer rugs and stop chanting to pinstriped-ego Keiffer Ulbermeann if you want to maintain your sanity."

Obama’s comments came during a White House meeting to discuss his distribution of 1 trillion stimulation packages.

The president's comments united Blimpblog and Ulbermeann into a new politically unique and apparently insane Entity: the web-footed Rushkeith Limbolberbaugh (lim-bolber-baugh). After the two polar opposites merged into one, it plans to unveil its own bipartisan plan to for the size and fit of stimulation packages.

Limbolberbaugh said that it wants stimulators to be multi-use with rechargeable batteries, and come in all sizes, colors, and flavors.

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