Saturday, January 10, 2009

Palin Angry About Meanies

By DP Fleming--D Pressing News Staff Writer

During an interview with conservative eight-year-old Josh Breugenglochester, a 6th level World-of-War Craft Gnome, satirist and former Vice-Presidential candidate Sarah Palin complained that News anchor Katie Couric and actress Tina Fey have been mean to her.

Tina Fey's famous impersonations of Ms. Palin made the governor look like Sarah Palin. And, during an interview with Katie Couric early in Mrs. Palin's campaign, the governor was caught off guard, spelled her own name Sahara Pthailin, and could not recall the state capitol of Alaska.

Mrs. Palin stuck out her tongue and went rogue, making statements about how the press treats Caroline Kennedy in her run for the Senate.

"She's like treated like a Kennedy, like she's so smart and like special or something. I don't like that kind of thing," said the Governor.

Sitting on the floor and slapping her thighs, Palin pooped and cried, "I'm treated more like a McCainedy and that's the old fart's fault." The governor had her diaper changed and was put to bed with no dinner.

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