Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Scholars Certain History Will Be Kind to George W. Bush

By DP Fleming--D Pressing News Senior Staff Writer

George W. Bush will leave office as one of the most admired presidents ever. He will be fondly remembered for his popular Iraq War and his awe inspiring economic boom.

Bush has had the longest streak of positive approval ratings in history, and historians believe that rating will not change with historical hindsight.

"We are fortunate to live to see the most popular president in American polling history," said Bill McIntirff, a pollster for the Democratic Party.

More than 92.4 percent of history professors judge Bush the greatest president in history, second only to Richard Nixon.

In a recent Pew Center poll, Americans were asked to sum up the Bush presidency in one word. The overwhelming response was "incredibly great and astonished by it."

Bush says he is proud of the immigration laws he initiated and saw through Congress and his insistence, from the beginning, of making employment opportunities for young Americans as troops in his popular Iraq war.

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