Thursday, March 25, 2010

TV Star Robert Culp Dies. Body Teleported Into Insane Writer

By DP Fleming, D Pressing News Senior Staff Reporter.

TV star Robert Culp's body has been beamed into the body of Dennis Fleming, a mentally unbalanced reporter for the D Pressing News. Culp, a 79-year-old actor, suffered a fall near a Los Angeles park. He was rushed to a hospital in Hollywood where he was placed into a teleporter from the 1960s TV series, Star Trek, and then dissolved.

The actor appeared merged with Fleming's body seconds later.

Said Fleming, "Bob won't be lonely. He's in there with D Patrick & D & Dennis & DP & D-man & Denny & Andy Kaufman."

Culp was perhaps best known for starring opposite scene-stealing actor Bill Cosby in the I Spy TV series (NBC from 1965 to 1968). It was the first TV series to feature an African-American actor more talented than a Caucasian actor in a leading role.

Primarily a television star, Culp made a few motion pictures such as the popular, Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice & Vic & Barbara & Al & Rick & Rita & Delbert & Billy & John & Spot & Cynthia & Man o' War. His most recent film role was in The Pelican's Briefs in 1993.

In a statement to the D Pressing News, Fleming said, "Culp's last wish is to have the teleporter destroyed before William Shatner dies and is beamed in here. There's no room for two bad actors."


spidermandel said...

Dear Dennis/aka Robert -
Can you please get me Bill Cosby's autograph? I had lunch once with a guy named Dennis Fleming and a young lady came up to our table and asked him if he was Robert Culp. He said, "Aren't you rather young to know about Culp?" She said, "My grandmother used to talk about him, and run his old shows on videotape." Have the autograph made out to Cool Daddy-G. Thanks. Gerry

Dennis Fleming said...

Gerry, I'll have Cosby's autograph sent to you by paintball. Just let me know which direction to aim.