Friday, June 19, 2009

Organization Upset Obama Killed Fly Not Human On National TV

By DP Fleming, D Pressing News Senior Staff Writer

The group PSP (People with Skewed Priorities) pronounced pisspa, attacked President Barak Obama for killing an escaped trained circus flea during a recent interview for CNBC.

When the fly interrupted the interview by performing an aerial loop-de-loop while balancing a turban on its head, Obama commanded it to "Get the [expletive deleted] out of here." When the fly disobeyed the commander in chief's direct order, the president cleared a landing strip on his wrist and smashed the flea deader than a republican mosh pit.

PSP sent the president a 12-gauge Dick Cheney Special shotgun and a supply of shells with a card that reads, "Take a tip from the former vice president. Next time shoot the closest human."

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