Saturday, March 21, 2009

Old Mr. Booze Calls for the Halt of BOOBWROTPM

By DP Fleming--D Pressing News Senior Staff Writer

Old Bitter Booze, R-LA, introduced an amendment to H.R. 1586, the bill that would impose a 0.9% tax on any corporate executive bonus that exceeds $50 million.

The amendment calls for a halt of the BOOBWROTPM program (bunch of old bung weasels ripping off the public's money) which has handed out $780 billion in taxpayer funds to incompetent institutions that beg. Booze made the announcement at a recent meeting in a Louisiana tap room where he was hallucinating that he was preaching to the founding fathers.

Old Mr. Booze stated that if the Obama administration would bring forth a clear, fiscally responsible, fair, bipartisan plan, Republicans would be embarrassed again and say no. For now, the BOOBWROTPM plan should be ended, claimed Booze who also acknowledged Congress' wishes to continue President George W. Bush's precedent of throwing away taxpayer money.

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