Thursday, December 11, 2008

Joe the Plunger: Poopie

By D P Fleming—D Pressing News Staff Writer

Sam Wurztpecher, commonly known as Joe the Plunger, recently spoke with Garrand Peck, a neoconservative, radio personality disorder. Joe says while on the campaign trail he thought he was John McCain.

While on the Late Hawk Egress bus, Joe asked McCain how many zeros were in the seven billion in the $700 billion bailout plan supported by McCain. "I didn't understand the answer," said Mr. Plunger.

McCain's answers made Joe itch and want to roto root him.

Joe likes to think about Palin late at night because "she's punctual, a good listener, and doesn't stink much." He further commented that Palin "is absolutely hickory dickory dockery. She told me."

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