Tuesday, December 2, 2008

President Bush: "I Was Un-prepared for an Un-war"

By D P Fleming—D Pressing News Staff Writer

In an interview with Alphabet Soup News, President Bush said that he was unaware we went to war during his presidency.

"I saw War of the Worlds and Independence Day, Full Metal Jacket, movies like that but I didn't campaign and say, "Vote for me and I'll shoot the bad guys and tell them to bring it on. Heck, I did say that one." he chuckled.

"I thought that memo about Bin-laden attacking with high-jacked planes was Clinton tryin' to mess with my head."

Bush blamed "incorrections in the intelligences" for deciding to invade Iraq. Asked whether he would have invaded even if he'd known that Iraq did not have WMDs, he said, "That is a do-over that I can't do over. A makeover I can't make up. A half of a glass that's empty."

The President regretted he was unable to fix U.S. immigration policy, saying, "That issue demonstrated America's unique ability to debate in good conscience and accomplish, in record time, nothing at all. And I'm told we did it all while conducting the worst foreign policy debacle in the history of the country. It's the American spirit and what makes us the envy of the known worlds."

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