Saturday, December 13, 2008

Stroke Strikes King Kong-Il

By D P Fleming—D Pressing News Staff Writer

Battling a disease known as Kim Jong-illness, North Korea's tyrant King Kong Il was seen on National TV visiting chicken
farmers and asking why the chicken and not the monkey crossed the road. No one has been able to successfully answer the question and retain their head.

King's French chambermaid, Mademoiselle Derriere, reported in a French newspaper that the "Zee North Korean leader stroked
off but he did not undergo an operatione."

Widespread rumors last August about King Kong-Il's health featured pictures of
the leader swinging beheaded chicken cadavers and dancing naked and under a waterfall of caramel while monkeys in space suits paddled two-seater boats shaped like rocking horses.

Mlle. Derriere also said, "I have zee impressione zat he tinks he eez in sharge of zome countrie called Korea." and that
the monarch's mental health was improving. "He finally washed heez Georgie Bushie mittens he uzed to pleazure himzelf with."

A reporter with Le Figaro newspaper kissed Mlle Derriere's derriere but got no more information about Kong Il's
illness. However, the two were recently observed strolling along the Seine laughing and defending each other's infidelities.

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