Monday, December 1, 2008

Bush Finally Says "So What" To America

By D P Fleming—D Pressing News Staff Writer

Speaking of the global financial crisis, job losses, and people's retirement funds going down the crapper, President Bush said he feels no responsibility, even though it happened on his watch.

The President thinks people will realize it's the fault of Wall Street and the Democratic Congress and not "his" fault.

On lost jobs and 401K's he said, "the American people got to know that I can't be expected to understand this whole mess in the little time I have left. I'm the decider not the fixer."

This means he will support more and more government debt and tax cuts for the wealthy. "Same strategery as Iraq, we go in and waste a load of money with no exit plan. That came out OK," he said.

The National Bureau of Economic Research reported the current recession started in January 2001 and will likely last until mid-2009 when the stink of the Bush administration finally wears off the White House furniture. The President assured the public that he will try to get the economy "economized" and then he will run for recovery.

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